The Egyptian culture dates from 4500-332 B.C.E . It still amazes me how  a culture limited in technology created such impressive architecture / furniture. The amount of detail and precision in their work demonstrate immense mathematical skills.

king Tutankhamun ritual bed

Egyptian style chaise

modern bed

The Egyptians were very religious. They believe that life began after death, for this reason they buried the dead with their belongings. It’s thanks to this ritual burial grounds that Archeologist have being able to retrieve a great deal of precious artifacts.

Egyptian style chair

Chair found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun

Elaborate stool

It is no surprise that architect, and interior designers still refer back to the Egyptians for inspiration.


picture taken by author... a more personal approach to researching!

Visited The Tennessee state museum in search for real Egyptian mummy!

taken by author... a more personal approach to researching !!

During my journey for knowledge I will be trying to explore history with a hands on approach. I will be searching for relating articles near my home in Nashville Tennessee.