The Romanesque era gets its name from art historian to describe medieval art and architecture that had a Roman style.  The Romanesque period gave birth to elaborated expensive architecture and art. Just like in the year the 2000 we feared Y.2.k. and the end of the world in the new millennium, that fear of the world ending in the year 1000 lead to this era. Might had being the enormous gratitude for being alive that lead to a great obsession with the construction of churches. One of the most impressive architectural structure of the Romanesque period is the Cathedral Complex at Pisa Italy. Though it is hard to choose between so many truly remarkable cathedrals built during the Romanesque era I would have to say that the Saint-Sernin cathedral would have to be one of my favorite pieces of Romanesque architecture. This perfectly geometric piece of architecture is as marvelous outside as it inside. The interior groin-vaults (intersection of a series of arches) are ideal for enhancing the acoustics of the Christian music performed at this cathedral.

West façade of Reims cathedral

West facade of Saint-Etiene

Cathedral Complex


Interior Saint-Sernin

Romanesque Throne Chair

Modern adaptation of the style of Romanesque throne chair

Romanesque Ivory casket

modern casket