China is the only continuing civilization originating in the ancient world.  The Chinese were the first to discover the magnet, and to establish a formal banking system. You can’t talk about China without discussing the Great Wall of China, standing twenty three feet tall it really takes your breath way. Another piece of Chinese beauty is the Foguang Si Pagoda (tower); it is the tallest wooden building in the world. The Foguang Si Pagoda stands an impressive nine story high. A great deal of Chinese architecture has an octagonal shape because of their Buddhist background. China is well known for their fabulous gardens. Gardens like the Wangshi Yuan (garden of the Master of the Fishing Nets) from the Ming dynasty are full of beauty, decorated with Verandas and pillars raised over ponds. Bridges and paths invite visitors to explore the garden and become on with nature. Another major part of Ancient Chinese history is the Army of the First Emperor of Qin. Found in a pit next to Lintong tomb we find 6,000 life-size painted terracotta figures of soldiers and horses, also found in the pit where bronze horses and chariots. Each of these 5’10” work of art are uniform and unique, they each have individual characteristic no one piece is exactly the same.


Wild Goose Pagoda

Yoke chair

Modern adaptation to the Yoke chair

Tang Dynasty... A more personal approach to research!

Vanderbilt art gallery.... A more personal approach to research!

Ming Dynasty Tomb Recreation.... @ the Vanderbilt art gallery