Now I will be moving on to the Gothic period my favorite architectural era. The architectural beauty of the Gothic period is like no other. The obsession with building cathedrals continued on from the Romanesque period. I personally have being move by Gothic architecture. The exquisiteness and uniqueness of the cathedrals in the Gothic era is truly amazing, the furniture follows the dramatic beauty of the architecture. Dark and heavy filled with crosses and religious work of arts the Gothic era is one of diversify brilliance.  During this time period the power of the Catholic Church is a great influence. I have fallen in love with the Gothic era; Gargoyle, pointed arches, large beautiful windows, mystical lights, crosses, and religious symbols ornate Gothic work of arts. Every architecture and piece of furniture in this period is an elaborate piece of art.  Gothic furniture which includes; beds, chest, tables, and chairs also have pointed arches which gives a sense of unity between architecture and furniture.


Gothic Revival downtown Nashville, TN

Salibury Interior


Interior of Chartres

GargoyleNotre-dame, Paris

Picture taken by author... Gothic revival downtown Nashville, TN

Fan Vault from Henry VII's chapel

Gothic library table @ Metropolitan museum of art Modern Gothic style table

Gothic amour

Gothic chest

Gothic desk

Gothic Bed

modern Gothic-Bedroom

Picture taken by author.... a more personal approach te research!