We still have much to learn from our past . During the prehistoric period we were introduced to various architectural  styles such as; Post and lintel. The best example of prehistoric post lintel architecture must be Stonehenge. There is still much speculation as to how Stonehenge was built, and what was the purpose of it. Some say it was a calendar , other say it was a burial ground… your guest is as good as mines. There is no written form of language for this time period so we have no way of really knowing the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Stone Henge , UK

When we think pre-historic we think caveman pounding each other with sticks! However the truth is that the pre-historic people group were very intelligent and organized. Their architecture which was meant to be portable and resourceful were made of several different materials such as mud, sticks, animal bones, animal skin , and stone. The reality is that the pre-historic people made had being even smarted than we are today. Throw us in a rural area with none of our modern-day technology most of us  wouldn’t survive a day. The doorway of Machu Pichu is a truly remarkable piece of architecture from the prehistoric period is located in Machu . In the Mediterranean we find another great pre-historic architecture the Temple of Malta made out of stone it is truly amazing how they were able to construct this beauty without any glue or joinery.

The doorway of Machu Pichu

Machu Pichu, PeruThe doorway of Machu Pichu

Picture taken by author : A more personal approach