The Roman continued on with the clean geometric style of the Greek. The roman had a deep admiration for Hellenistic Greek art. They also followed the Greek’s step in there used of concrete, and their love for knowledge. It is thanks to the eruption of Vesuvius in the city of Pompeii that we are able to recreate the floor plan of upper class Roman architecture which gives us great insight of Roman culture.  They are well-known for their engineering skills. The Roman introduced us to the first drainage system, and radiant heating system beneath the floor. When you think of the Romans two major architectural wonders come to mind: the Aqueducts and the dome. The aqueducts which were used to transport water into the city are truly breath-taking enormous in size it stretches out for miles and miles. The Dome is a true perfect geometric shape a square within a circle. The Pantheon a true architectural beauty is the perfect example Roman architecture. Here in the United States we have a great example of Roman architecture the Thomas Jefferson memorial building. When it comes to columns we have the Roman to thank for introducing us to the Ionic and Corinthian columns. In Vanderbilt University here in Nashville, TN they have truly adopted the Roman style to their architecture.


Thomas Jefferson memorial

Roman revival at Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN

Roman Columns

Corithian Column... Vanderbilt University Art Gallery


Samples of Roman furniture

Modern interpretation of a X-shape folding stool

Picture taken by author... a more personal approach to research!

Roman sculpture .... Vanderbilt University Art Gallery