Private home became the center of the new style called Rococo derived from french word rocaille ( pebble) refers to the small stones and shells used to decorate grotto interiors.  Shells were the principal motif of Rococo art. Rococ is primarily a style of interior design. The best example of rococo interior design is found in germany in the Amalienburg Nymphenburg palace. The Rococo era gave birth to famous painters such as Antoine Watteau.

Hall of mirrors

Winter palace, Russia

Arch bishop Palace , Czech RepublicCadiz Cathedral

Pilgramige to Cythera

Rococo motif, Vienna

Ottobeuren Basilika

Wieskirche, pilgrimage church

German Rococo interior

Rococo Commode

Rococo interior

Rococo Chair

Original Louis XV bed

Rococo furniture collage